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Sea Venture

World Supermodel participants board Sea Venture for a high speed adventure to Beqa Lagoon

World Supermodel participants at this weeks event at The Pearl South Pacific Resort, happily board the Sea Venture for a high speed adventure to Beqa Lagoon magnificent reefs.

The World Supermodel Pageant is an International competition for models aged between 20-30yrs and was created to find out who are the leading world Supermodels regardless of their marital status.

Gregg Cannizzaro, CEO of Go Indie TV, directed the photo shoot on board Sea Venture, Sea Fiji Reefs at Yanuca Island, Fiji

World Supermodel contestants gathered at Yanuca Island, Fiji for group media photos, while preparing for their photo session on board Sea Venture

Finals for World Supermodel Pageant were held at The Pearl South Pacific Resort, Pacific Harbour Fiji, with Nature from Botswana winning the coverted title.

Fiji Airways Featurette – Exploring Beqa Island Reefs with Sea Fiji Reefs

An exciting underwater world awaits intrepid families and curious snorkelers in the pristine and turquoise waters off Beqa Island. Known as one of the best diving spots in Fiji, the reefs off Beqa are a spectacular place to see all kinds of exotic tropical fish, dolphins, sharks, turtles and even whales.

Grab the family and begin your adventure with a slow cruise out through Pacific Harbour, one of Fiji’s most popular ports, on the all new hydrofoil boat – the Sea Venture run by Sea Fiji Reefs. The boat looks like something from the future and has a huge 35ft glass bottom, perfect for viewing the reef below. It also sports one of the world’s largest optical viewing ports at the front of the boat so you don’t miss a thing both above and beneath the water.

Once past the heads, the hydrofoil rises out of the water and flies across the waves at a speed of 40 knots. It is definitely a thrill that anyone would love.

The captain of the Sea Venture knows all the best reefs and with the glass bottom viewing area, you’re able to see everything under water without getting wet. The water is so clear and beautiful that it will make you want to take a dip.

Sea Venture

Article Originally Published November 21, Fiji Airways
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Fiji Times Feature – Futuristic vessel boosts operations

A TOUR company in Pacific Harbour has introduced a revolutionary and innovative 35-feet glass bottom boat to boost operations in the country.

The futuristic investment for Sea Fiji Reefs arrived in Fiji this year and started its first trip to the Beqa Lagoon for coral viewing in September.

While a significant amount of money had been invested in this impressive vessel, Sea Fiji Reefs business partner Alex Wienczugow said the boat was a first of its kind in Fiji and the Southern Hemisphere.

“Our vessel has the ability to move quickly and comfortably to a variety of reef locations allowing our guests the opportunity to view a greater selection of the spectacular array and soft coral reefs and colourful marine life situated within the Beqa lagoon complex,” Mr Wienczugow said yesterday.

Business partner Cyndee Butcher said the vessel could cater for about 28 passengers and two cabin crew.

“We will be based at the Pearl South Pacific’s new marina complex once it is completed,” Mrs Butcher said.

Article Originally Published November 12, 2014 The Fiji Times

Sea Venture commissioned and ready to set sail

Now that the ‘Sea Venture’ is now safely in Pacific Harbour we have been progressing with the commissioning of the boat to comply with MSAF survey regulations.

We have tested the newly assembled maintenance trolley in our slipway for clearance and it fits perfectly.

Fijian sea trials start this week and our maiden voyage tour is not very far away…stay tuned!

From the frozen landscapes of Russia soon to arrive in paradise

The Looker 350 ‘Sea Venture‘ is now in St Petersburg, Russia container terminal on a flat rack ready for uplift onto a container ship to Fiji, we are just waiting for an available ship.

With a shortage of available container transport ships to our part of the world, we are expecting delivery from from St Petersburg in the next few weeks.

The axles and wheels are for the maintenance trailer that will be used to service the boat out of the water.

Sea Trials finished, Fiji here we come

With the sea trials of our Looker 350 completed in Russia, the ‘Sea Venture’ is now on its way to Pacific Harbour Fiji where we will be starting our Glass Bottom Boat Tours, Whale Watching and Snorkelling Tours…we can’t wait for you all the see the majesty of the underwater life on our beautiful Fijian reefs.

Sea trials finished and she’s on her way to Fiji

With construction finished and open sea trials on the Looker 350 fully completed last weekend, the ‘SEA VENTURE’ is now officially on it way to Fiji. We can’t wait to take charge of this outstanding vessel and more importantly getting you guys on board to witness first hand the amazing sea life Fiji has to offer.

Getting closer

The boat is in the Paint & Finish workshop right now and we expect it to be completed 1st / 2nd week in January

Construction continues on Sea Venture

Work on our Looker 350 ‘SEA VENTURE’ is currently all hands on deck to get finished, tested and shipped to Fiji ready for our March 2014 launch.