Beqa Lagoon Sunset and Night Tour


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The night reef tour opens a window to the rarely seen nocturnal reef inhabitants which are very diverse from those that are encountered during the day, the soft and hard corals colour and appearance changes at night as they extend their feeding polyps and defensive sweeper stingers pulsate with the current.

Sharks “the kings of the reef” become active feeding on octopus, lobsters, crabs and the sleeping fishes hiding in reef crevices, other predators that could be seen include stingrays, lionfish, squid, octopus, moray eels navigating their way through the reef hunting their favorite prey.

Tour prices are inclusive of taxes and levies and are subject to change without notice.  All confirmed tour booking prices will remain the same at the time of confirmation by Sea Fiji Reefs.

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Adults, Children (6 – 12 years)