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    Our revolutionary new underwater reef and marine life observation viewing boat the ‘Sea Venture’ the first in the Southern Hemisphere

    The ‘Sea Venture’ Looker 350 with it’s one of a kind futuristic design and unique hydrofoil system allows the vessel to literally fly on the water surface. The vessel can carry up to 30 passengers and 2 crew at speed while maintaining the utmost in seaworthiness and stability ensuring greater passenger comfort.

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    viewing port unveils the splendor of the reefs unbelievable abundance
    The SEA VENTURES massive 2 meter x 3 meter viewing port unveils the splendor of the reefs unbelievable abundance and variety of marine life in detail. The diverse and vivid colour combinations of the reef fish defies description, it is as if they are competing with the numerous surrounding hard and soft corals to see who has the most brilliant colour display.

    The many different reef fish species making their homes among the profuse coral formations is astounding, you never know what you will encounter as everyday will be different.

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    Explore Beautiful Fijian Reefs

    You can relax and enjoy a cooling swim or snorkel and self explore the fringing reef shallows and discover the wonders of the smaller inhabitants on the reef, colorful coral crabs, shrimps, sea stars, the striking varieties of nudibranches and the beauty of the various soft shell snails and sea slugs.

    The shallow reef areas will allow you to observe the myriads of the most colorful reef fishes sheltering within the living branches of the various hard and soft corals. You may actually find the real “Nemo” and other varieties of anemone fish living within the stinging tentacles of its anemone home.

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